The Vision of Winston Bidwell

Why Winston Bidwell?

Given the fact that there are currently in excess of 2 million Etsy shops, you may be asking (or trying hard to refrain from asking), "Why Winston Bidwell? Isn't it just white noise?" Fair question, and I am glad you asked.

A Remnant of a Bygone Era

I will tell you upfront, we shop the big names stores in person and online, and they are excellent in what they do. Life is easier with them around, and I am not disparaging them in the least. They are fantastic at providing consumables at reasonable prices.

But what about when we want something that isn't going to be used and then tossed or donated at the end of the season? Where do we go when we want a sweater or scarf that we will look forward to wearing every fall?...when we are seeking the "just right" decor item that will make us smile, everyday?...or when we want to give a truly special gift that will treasured for years to come? This can be difficult, even for Etsy.

In days gone by, you might have gone downtown, to a small department store. There you would have found a curated selection of quality, distinctive fashion, home decor, and gift items. These goods were made for everyday use but had a real sense of style to them as well. And the customer service would have been focused and individual, things taken out of their case for your inspection and purchases wrapped neatly for you to carry home. Those were the days!

Bringing Yesterday Closer

We would like to bring a little of yesterday closer, by reviving that shopping experience through Winston Bidwell. Our pieces are handcrafted, in small batches, to ensure quality and individual flair. 

At Winston Bidwell function is top priority and a pleasing form is the icing on the cake (and who doesn't love a little icing).  Bottom line, a piece must function as it should or it's rubbish, no matter how flashy it looks. So, in our simple workshop we strive for quality over quantity. We want the items you receive to make you say, "I am so glad I bought that!" Whether it's a pair of mittens or a wallet, we want the Winston Bidwell piece to be your go-to favorite, not just for a season, but for years to come.

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