• I Finally Did It!

    Some time ago, as the family enjoyed streaming a popular knife/sword making competition show, I sat as I usually do, knitting away. Occasionally it would come up that so-and-so is a “Master Blade Smith” or a “Master Farrier,” so my kids wanted to know, is there such thing as a Master Knitter?
  • It Really Is The Simple Things

    One by one, family members wandered into the kitchen, serenely, as if enchanted by the heavenly aroma. In every instance, they would gingerly lift the tea towel and peer underneath. Without fail, a giant grin paired with wide happy eyes would look up to meet mine and with anticipation ask, "can I have some?" What a feeling. Yes. Indeed. It really is the simple things in life. Sometimes happiness is loaf of fresh baked bread.
  • The Vision of Winston Bidwell

    Given the fact that there are currently in excess of 2 million Etsy shops, you may be asking (or trying hard to refrain from asking), "Why Winston Bidwell? Isn't it just white noise?" Fair question, and I am glad you asked.
  • Meet The Winston Bidwell Team

    In the previous post we shared a little about the Winston Bidwell vision. Today we would like the opportunity to introduce you to two of the most fantastic humans on the face of the earth. Yes, we are totally biased as their parents, but also absolutely justified because they are indeed remarkable.
  • Welcome to Winston Bidwell

    Winston Bidwell is our family's endeavor to learn, grow, and create something special.